TrainESEE v.2 Communication Paper 1

Document summarizes the results of the SWOT analyses carried out in six partner-universities.

The conclusions were made in relation to the topics of the four modules to be developed: teaching methodology, project management, entrepreneurship and finally, collaboration between the universities and the business sector.

EIT RawMaterials Academy Consolidation Action Plan

The Learning & Education pillar of the EIT RawMaterials aims to ensure that the different segments of European society are equipped with the vital knowledge, skills and competences necessary for innovation in the raw materials sector and to make the sector strong and stable in Europe. In order to do this, an equilibrium must be established where the capacity of the domains of learning – Lifelong Learning, Wider Society, Higher Education – contribute to the European raw materials base.

EIT RawMaterials Strategic Agenda 2018-22

Raw materials are essential to securing a transition to green energy technologies, to securing growth and sustainable consumption and to securing access to clean and efficient consumer technologies.

Europe is highly dependent on importing raw materials to secure the global competitiveness of its manufacturing industries and to accelerate the transition to a resource efficient, sustainable society.

RIS Strategy

EIT RawMaterials has always had a clear focus on EIT RIS eligible countries. The main reason for this is that many primary and secondary deposits of various raw materials are located in those countries.

The ultimate goal of the Strategy is to develop the capacity of entities of EIT RIS regions to become KIC partners and participate in e.g. innovation and research projects on an equal footing.

TrainESEE v.2 project summary

A short overview of project objectives, activities, partners and expected results.

ESEE Education Concept Note

This Concept Note a report on how to increase innovation capacity of ESEE region through education activity in the raw material sector. It represents a collection and analysis of publicly available information related to the higher education in ESEE region and in the raw material sector.